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A Customer Success Story from Northern Dock Systems

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The Dock Lift Before InstallationThe Blue Giant LoMaster Stationary Dock Lift After Installation

Project Overview

Our customer, Bayshore Specialty Rx Ltd in Mississauga, Ontario needed a new dock lift table for their pharmacy network and distribution business. To start, their old lift table was rotting away causing them nonstop issues. In fact, this was a safety concern for their employees due to the old lift table becoming weak and unstable. Additionally, the dock pit needed to be cleaned before installing a new one. Lastly, old control panels inside the building needed to be replaced with new ones. In short, our customer wanted the same product as before but an upgraded model.

By contacting our Northern Dock Systems staff, our Project Manager was able to provide a new dock lift table that fit the same footprint as their old one. By installing the Blue Giant LoMaster Stationary Dock Lift with a W 72″ x L 96″ and a lowered height of 10″, our customer was able to perform all work responsibilities in a safe manner.

The Blue Giant LoMaster Stationary Dock Lift

The LoMaster Stationary Dock Lift (DL6) is a heavy-duty option for customers who need that extra weight for distribution needs. It is capable of lifting people and products with a combined weight of 20,000 pounds. Also, dock lift tables have an option to upgrade to electric toe guards and that’s the route our customer went with.

Blue Giants’ state-of-the-art robotic welding and rust resistant powder coat finish are key features. This keeps the same consistent quality and strength for their dock lifts. Our customer needed safety and that is what they got. Each dock lift table has a standard personnel restraint chain to keep them up to code. But, the Stationary (DL) model can upgrade to an interlocked swing gate or boom.

Quicker Return on Investment

Furthermore, when it comes to savings, dock lift tables cost one-third the price of a forklift. Also, it will have a quicker return on investment (ROI). This comparison is for the long-term costs of using a forklift to load and offload a trailer.

All in all, Bayshore Speciality Rx Ltd was very happy with the dock lift and installation process. Our technicians completed the job in one day and everything was working perfectly.



Mississauga, ON

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