2016 has been an amazing year for new accomplishments, products and customers. We have strengthened our internal sales, field technicians and customer service teams and have reached new milestones as a company.

It is not surprising when we look back that so much excitement has occurred in only 365 days. The incredible part is what we have planned for our customers and staff in 2017.

Just a few highlights from 2016
• Expanded into a centralized new head office to support growing Canadian operations
• Remain one of Ontario’s top energy rebate facilitators
• Installed over 390 Air Barriers as part of a province-wide initiative to reduce energy consumption

This year we had the honor of attending more trade shows and events to educate customers about energy saving innovations and processes. From Toronto to Florida – we were busy teaching companies about how they are able to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. With so many companies looking to meet mandates of energy reduction in 2016-2017 – we were not surprised by the positive response.

For those who do not follow us on social media – we are constantly updating our news feeds with the latest information about the company and industry. Below you can find some helpful links from the past 12 months.

Company News

2016 Christmas Party + Team Event Highlights

Second Annual Team Building Event Was A Success

Headquarters Moved To A New Building March 15th, 2016

Events & Tradeshows

2016 Mayor’s Megawatt Challenge Annual Forum

Energy Into Action Trade Show – Hamilton

Linamar Conservation Symposium In Guelph

2016 Product Showcase Event

Showcasing At The OAFC Show

2016 Ontario Dealer Day Trade Show

February Is Student Education Month At Northern Dock Systems

2016 AHR Expo in Florida

High Speed SafeDrive Springless Door Install Time-Lapse
2016 Christmas Party + Team Event Highlights