In today’s world, companies continue to strive for faster production and better-quality control. It is vital to remember the equipment you use should be handled with the same care as it allows you to operate safely.

Remain Focused on Your Goals While We Focus on Inspecting and Maintaining Your Equipment

Your team should stay focused on your production while we provide a detailed report on your equipment. Our dock leveler Preventive Maintenance Program will provide you with condition visibility.

Your company deserves constant performance while eliminating avoidable safety hazards.

Firstly, our trusted dock leveler Preventive Maintenance Program uses a product-specific, multi-point inspection for each dock leveler type. The process ensures equipment warranties are maintained and is inspected based on individual requirements.

Secondly, customers will see a breakdown per piece of equipment to classify all working and non-working equipment parts. Our team will identify common problem areas including broken welds which are a leading cause for failure. All technicians document and provide a detailed report for use with auditors. Ensure you are working to meet Canadian code, safety compliance and food inspectors.

Six Reasons to Use a Dock Leveler Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Increase operational efficiency by preventing emergency service repairs or costly downtime
  • Keep workers safe and prevent workplace injuries
  • Prolong lifespan by staying current to manufacturer’s warranty maintenance
  • Proper first-time fixes from a team that specializes in first-time fixes.
  • Provide peace of mind by being prepared for safety inspections, food audits and strict Ministry of Labour regulations.
  • Stay informed on the equipment you do not have time or training to inspect

Contact us to learn more about our detailed Preventive Maintenance Program. We have product-specific checklists for all equipment types including overhead doors, fire door drop tests, HVLS fans and more.

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