Low-Profile & Low Energy

The SW60 is a low-profile and low-energy door operator. Its sleek and slim design makes it easy to convert any existing manual swing door to an automatic door, even when overhead space is limited.

Touchless Wave-to-Open Activators

Furthermore, this operator is integrated with touchless wave activation sensors. Simply wave to open or close the door and never have to worry about touching a dirty door handle again.

Open & Close with an App

A cool new feature of this operator is its app compatibility. Just like how you can open and close the door with a wave of the hand, you can open and close the by using an app on your phone.

This operator is perfect for any indoor applications such as restroom, kitchen, office, shop and warehouse doors as it complies with all ANSI safety standards.

Installation, Service and Repair of All Automatic Doors

Our automatic door team is available 24 hours a day to keep your doors fully operational. Our technicians are trained to install, inspect, perform maintenance, service or repair on any activation systems, openers, closers and operators for all door types including automatic doors.

Automatic Door Services

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