The front lip lug and hinge on the majority of Northern Dock Systems’ dock levelers–manufactured by Nordock–feature an open lug design, providing superior strength and durability to the dock leveler than competitors. Here are three reasons why a dock leveler with an open lug design has proven to be beneficial for our customers:

Reason #1: Integral support for demanding loading dock applications.

Nordock dock levelers with an open lug design provide solid 4″ welds that encompass both sides of every hinge throughout the front lip. The consistent placement of the thick welds provide integral support to the dock leveler even during the most demanding applications.

Traditional dock leveler lips use inconsistent spot welds that give insufficient center deck support to the dock leveler.

Nordock open lug design vs. traditional lip

Reason #2: No pinch points.

The most prevalent issue in any dock leveler is caused by debris building up in or around the dock leveler lip. Traditional dock levelers use a piano hinge with spot welds on one side of each hinge to provide support to the dock leveler. When debris such as loose nuts or bolts fall on to the piano hinges, they cause pinch points (i.e., areas where immense pressure builds up on a single point, rather than being evenly distributed across the dock leveler hinge). These pinch points then form cracks and require immediate replacement in order for the dock leveler to still provide adequate support. Pinch points also cause a major safety issue for workers that walk around the loading dock area or workers that use heavy machinery.

Nordock’s exclusive open lug design eliminates pinch points altogether. An open lug design provides enough space for debris to fall straight through the dock leveler, rather than having it build up on the hinge.

A closer look at the Nordock open lug design vs. a traditional dock leveler lip.

Reason #3: Hassle-free cleaning.

A dock leveler with an open lug design allows easier access to the pit for cleaning.

To ensure your dock leveler is able to maintain its strength and perform even under heavy loads, it’s important to clean your dock pit regularly. Book an appointment with our Preventive Maintenance Program experts–who have almost 40 years of experience combined in the field–to get started on properly maintaining your dock leveler today.

Northern Dock Systems' PMP technician on-site.

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