Since many municipalities are making it mandatory for people to wear face masks while inside public spaces, we wanted to share some tips on how to keep you and workers safe.

With this hot and humid summer, overheating becomes a greater risk when you are wearing a face mask. To prevent overheating while working indoors, encourage everyone to:

  1. Use masks made of cotton, cloth or paper which are easier to breathe in allowing for you to keep cool.
  2. Have multiple masks available to switch out in case your mask gets damp with sweat.
  3. Be aware of the signs the overheating such as shortness of breath, weakness, thirst and dizziness. Encourage people to take a break and drink water if they have any of the signs of overheating.
  4. Ensure there’s a cool, well-ventilated and sanitized space where people can take a break and drink water. We keep cool by sweating, so it is essential to stay hydrated. If you are wearing a mask it can be hard to remember to drink water regularly. So make sure that there is a clean, safe, well-ventilated and sanitized space where workers can remove their masks to take a drink of water. To easily keep these spaces sanitized, you should look into our all-natural disinfectant ULV cold fogger, multi-use no-rinse spray disinfectant, medical-grade air purifier and/or air filtration system for warehouses.
  5. Use fans to create an evaporative cooling effect. HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans evaporate moisture and circulate cool air to make you feel up to up to 8°F cooler. When we are hot, the airflow from the fan evaporates sweat and moisture on our skin to make us feel cooler. In a warehouse, it can also lower condensation and minimize the dampness in the air.

HVLS Fans – Keeping You Up to 8°F Cooler

HVLS fans can keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. By creating a consistent breeze sweat on skin, dampness and humidity in the air quickly evaporate to make you feel up to 8°F cooler with this evaporating cooling effect.

These fans can work with or without an HVAC system to help you save up to 25% on heating costs and up to 30% on cooling costs.

In addition, these fans circulate fresh air throughout your facility to improve air quality and reduce the health risks from forming because of inadequate airflow and poor ventilation. Poor ventilation and airflow can cause stale warm air, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and other pollutants. These bacteria and other pollutants can cause breathing issues, illnesses and other health issues. It is essential to maintain a fresh air supply and air movement in work areas to keep employees healthy.

Watch how HVLS fans evaporate water with just a breeze.

Learn how HVLS fans help warehouse workers work more productively by moving stale air and temperature regulation.

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All-Natural Disinfectant ULV Cold Fogger

The ULV (ultra low volume) cold fogger can disinfect large spaces in minutes, which reduces the time and labour it takes to clean spaces.

The all-natural electrolyzed water anolyte solution is a proven method to disinfect COVID-19 without the use of harsh chemicals. It is not harmful to plants, animals, marine life or humans. Also it is environmentally friendly as it’s biodegradable and non-accumulative.

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Multi-Use No-Rinse Spray Disinfectant

This broad spectrum disinfectant does NOT need to be wiped or rinsed off surfaces after use. It’s eco-friendly because no-rinse formula means that you do not have to throw out multiple sheets of paper towel or disinfecting wipes after use.

It’s 80 to 120 times more effective than bleach cleaners to kill harmful pathogens. All the while being non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-WHMIS regulated.

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Medical-Grade Air Purifier

The multi-stage filtration system removes harmful toxins, pollutants & airborne microbial contamination. It captures dust particles, pollen, mould, allergens, viruses, odours and many other pollutants that are found in the air in workplaces.

The negative ion generator makes indoor air feel more pure, clean and energized to help combat fatigue. It also protects electronic and digital equipment from harmful dust build up.

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Air Filtration System for Warehouses

This air filtration system cleans sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses. It cleans the air to make it easier for you to breathe and so your lungs don’t have to.

The destratification effect equalizes the temperature from floor to ceiling to prevent hot and cold air pockets to keep your workers comfortable and happy.

The optional MERV-13 washable reusable filter can be cleaned with compressed air or washed and typically lasts 5+ years.

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