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dock seal door warehouse position 23 before close up


Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal 201 door warehouse position 23 after


Project Overview

Replacing Old and Worn Dock Seals

Wills Transfer Limited had 24 old and worn dock seals at their warehouse in Brockville, Ontario. The wear pleats and foam core were damaged beyond repair from years of heavy use at this busy logistic warehouse. As a result, the dock seals were no longer doing their job properly. They were unable to create a tight seal around trucks, resulting in gaps over 2″. So, drafts were costing the business huge energy losses.

Old and worn dock seals at Brockville warehouse

Adjustable Curtain Dock Seals

They reached out to Northern Dock Systems to supply and install new dock seals. The 201 Adjustable Curtain Dock Seals were the perfect solution for their 8’x10′ and 9’x10′ doors. The adjustable curtain makes it suitable for warehouses that have trailers that vary in height. While the resilient foam covered with a tough abrasion-resistant fabric is heavy-duty enough to keep up with this busy warehouse.

Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal 201 door warehouse position 19 after
New adjustable curtain dock seals

Dock Seals in Energy Savings and Rebates

Additionally, we worked with their local utility company to get them an energy rebate on their new dock seals. In doing so, we got them a one-time energy rebate that covered 79% of the costs of their new dock seals. As a result, Wills Transfer Limited easily fitted the replacement of 24 dock seals into their budget for that year.

The adjustable curtain dock seal is an economical solution to create an airtight seal between the building and the trailer. This dock seal blocks harsh weather, snow, insects, pests, dust and white light while saving money on energy costs. With their new dock seals, Wills Transfer Limited will save on energy for years to come. In addition to creating a comfortable temperature inside and a safe working environment for their staff.

One-Time Energy Rebate for Dock Seals
Energy rebates available

Discover Your Energy Rebates, Annual Savings and ROI

Get energy rebates in select areas of Ontario, Alberta and BC. Contact us today to begin the process! We’ll calculate your one-time energy rebate, ongoing energy savings and return on investment.


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