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Dock Images before construction and installation of Hydraulic Dock Leveler


Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Leveler After Installation Images


Project Overview

Our customer, Far East Food Products Limited in Richmond Hill, Ontario desperately needed a new dock at their food facility. Their previous loading dock had damages around the back curb angle which caused the loading dock to not work. In addition, the concrete around the dock was heavily damaged as well. As a result, the dock bumpers almost fell off the wall and the concrete floor leading up to the dock was in poor condition.

By contacting Northern Dock Systems, our Project Manager was able to source an ‘in stock’ dock leveler. By doing so, NDS’s concrete team was on site within a week to start work and repair the entire site. A new dock pit was created with new curb angles and the floor was repaired. Next, the dock bumpers were removed and replaced with 6” bollards into the ground.

Blue Giant’s Hydraulic Dock Levelers

The Blue Giant 7′ x 8′ Hydraulic Dock Leveler with 30K capacity saved the day. By having this product installed, the client can easily operate their newly engineered dock with a push of a button.

Furthermore, this dock leveler is created with robotic welding and has a rust-free powdered coat finish. As a result, customers receive the same consistent manufactured quality, and it extends the lifespan of their docks.

In addition, this dock leveler is heavily trusted due to its easy operation and low maintenance costs. Businesses that invest in hydraulic dock levelers save up to 91% on maintenance costs over 10 years, when compared to mechanical dock.

The customer is extremely happy with the service and how the dock works. They liked our bollard idea so much that Far East Food Products Limited will now be removing all bumpers from their other docks and will be replacing them with bollards to avoid future damage.



Richmond Hill, ON

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