Nytrex dock bumper

Noise-reducing Nytrex Slider dock bumper

Double the lifespan: Simply flip the Nytrex Slider dock bumper to get a new impact surface, offering twice the lifespan than an economical dock bumper.

Noise reduction: This specially-formulated nylon dock bumper moves with the trailer to reduce noise during trailer impact.

Eliminate premature wear: Nytrex moves up and down with the action of the trailer to eliminate premature wear of the faceplate.


Nytrex dock bumpers provide some of the lowest lifetime ownership costs

Nytrex dock bumpers are engineered from durable, near-indestructible nylon pads and provide numerous benefits, such as:
• One of the lowest lifetime ownership costs with a flippable bumper surface to double the lifespan (compared to economical dock bumpers).
• Low noise during operation (Nytrex Slider dock bumpers move up and down with the action of the trailer).
• An excellent abrasion resistance for air-ride trailers and yard jockeys.
• Utilizing a brightly-coloured surface to provide a visual cue for drivers.
• A corrosion-resistant, rust-proof face.
• A simplistic design without the use of any complex mechanisms (wires, wheels, pulleys, etc.)
• Being environmentally-friendly, made with 100% recyclable material.

Nytrex Slider dock bumpers move up and down with the action of the trailer
Nytrex Slider dock bumper
Steps to flip a Nytrex Slider dock bumper

Easy, flippable design to double its lifespan

“Renew” your Nytrex dock bumper by simply lifting up its faceplate, rotating it and re-inserting the faceplate back into the mount.


Customers that love this product


• Larger projections available by adding steel extension brackets.
• Customized bracketing available for unique installation options.


• 6 years (replacement).


Bumper face 8" W x 18" H
Standard projection 4" (2" Nytrex and 2" rubber backer)

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