Nytrex dock bumper

Noise-Reducing Nytrex Slider Dock Bumper

  • Double the lifespan: Simply flip the Nytrex Slider dock bumper to get a new impact surface, offering twice the lifespan than an economical dock bumper.
  • Noise reduction: This specially-formulated nylon dock bumper moves with the trailer to reduce noise during trailer impact.
  • Eliminate premature wear: Nytrex moves up and down with the action of the trailer to eliminate premature wear of the faceplate.


Nytrex Dock Bumpers – The Lowest Lifetime Ownership Costs

Nytrex dock bumpers are engineered from durable, near-indestructible nylon pads and provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • One of the lowest lifetime ownership costs with a flippable bumper surface to double the lifespan (compared to economical dock bumpers).
  • Low noise during operation (Nytrex Slider dock bumpers move up and down with the action of the trailer).
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for air-ride trailers and yard jockeys.
  • Utilizing a brightly-coloured surface to provide a visual cue for drivers.
  • A corrosion-resistant, rust-proof face.
  • A simplistic design without the use of any complex mechanisms (wires, wheels, pulleys, etc.)
  • Being environmentally-friendly, made with 100% recyclable material.
Nytrex Slider dock bumpers move up and down with the action of the trailer
Nytrex Slider dock bumper
Steps to flip a Nytrex Slider dock bumper

Easy, Flippable Design to Double Its Lifespan

“Renew” your Nytrex dock bumper by simply lifting up its faceplate, rotating it and re-inserting the faceplate back into the mount.


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  • Larger projections available by adding steel extension brackets.
  • Customized bracketing available for unique installation options such as standard risers, standard riser with cut out, standard riser with extra projection, extension bracket and mounting plate.


  • 6 years (replacement).


Bumper face 8" W x 18" H
Standard projection 4" (2" Nytrex and 2" rubber backer)

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