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Steel Face Dock Bumpers


The most important piece of equipment for any loading dock

building loading dock protected


dock seal protected

Dock Seals

dock leveler protected

Dock Levelers

trailer restraint protected

Trailer Restraints

  • Reduce building damage: Dock bumpers work in conjunction with a proper dock seal solution to shield the building against any damage.
  • Designed for demanding applications: Our dock bumpers absorb the heaviest trailer impacts, allowing the trailers to ride up and down the face with minimal friction.
  • Durability: Constructed from reinforced or highly durable material, Nordock dock bumpers provide superior durability across all applications.


Dock Bumpers Are Your Loading Docks’ #1 Defence

The dock bumper is the single most important piece of equipment for any loading dock area, it’s the first line of defence in protecting your building from damage while the trailer backs into the loading dock.

Worn out or incorrect bumpers can cause severe damage to your building’s walls, dock seals, shelters, dock levelers and overall loading dock.

Old worn dock bumper

Old worn dock bumper

Damage to Dock Leveler and Loading Dock

When dock bumpers become worn, it leaves you loading dock and building exposed to backing up trucks, which can lead to some serious damage.

old worn dock bumpers cause damage to wall and dock seal
Steel face dock bumpers: Large steel faceplate provides extensive surface area to better absorb trailer impact.

Why Use a Steel Face for a Dock Bumper?

Steel face dock bumpers shield the building, dock leveler, dock seal and trailer restraints from being damaged by frequent impact. The bumper’s steel face is designed to extend the life expectancy of the dock bumper overall.

Its floating faceplate provides a large, low friction surface to better handle impact while plated rods provide additional protection against impact around loading docks. Working in conjunction with proper dock seal solution, steel face dock bumpers are highly adaptable, suiting numerous applications with their flexibility in sizing and mounting configurations.

Proper Installation From Trained Professionals

Each dock bumper should have the proper projection (a minimum of 4″), be installed at the right height and be paired correctly with the dock seal or shelter based on the incline or decline approach.

technician welding dock bumper

Trust our team of professional installers to install your dock bumper at the correct projection and angle for the best protection for your loading dock. Learn more about equipment installation services »

Built for Your Facility’s Needs

We have different bumpers to suit your facility’s specific needs depending on the type of trucks and amount of traffic you are getting.

Dock bumper

Laminate Dock Bumper

Light to Medium Traffic

Steel spring bumper

Steel Spring Dock Bumper

Steel face dock bumper black

Steel Face Dock Bumper

Medium to Heavy Traffic


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Steel Face

Steel face bumpers are the premium solution, compared to laminate dock bumpers. They protect the building from truck impacts at the loading dock area. The bumper’s steel face is designed to "glide" and be durable even under high use to minimize wear and tear.


Laminate dock bumpers are ideal for low-to-medium traffic loading docks in factories and warehouses. Its in-built wall protection feature absorbs any forklift impact while reinforced laminated rubber with plated 3/4" rods provide superior durability.

Steel Spring

Steel spring dock bumpers use 2"-4" steel spring pads to absorb the heaviest trailer impacts with minimal friction. 9/16" tempered steel springs mounted on a 3/8" steel back plate and laminated rubber section offers additional support for trailer impact and durability.

Model Comparison Chart

Steel Face Laminate Steel Spring
Width 6"-36" 6"-36" 4"
Height 6"-36" 6"-36" 23"
Projection 4" or 6" 4", 6", 9" or 10" 6"
Faceplate material “Gliding” 3/8" (9.5mm) thick heavy-duty steel face Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from recycled truck tires. Steel
Spring incorporated No No Yes, 2"-4"


  • Molded bumpers available.
  • Steel face: yellow truck guide face.
  • Customized bracketing available for unique installation options such as standard risers, standard riser with cut out, standard riser with extra projection, extension bracket and mounting plate.


  • Laminate: 2 years.
  • Steel Face: 10 years.

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