Sliding UL-rated fire door

Proudly protecting Canadian warehouses, manufacturing plants and loading docks

Marathon Single and Bi-Part Sliding U.L.-Rated Fire Doors

U.L.-rated: U.L. 10B, 90-minute fire rating.

High strength: 1-3/4″ thick 16-gauge stainless steel panel(s) provide strength and are easy to clean.

Tight seal: A full perimeter containment seal protects personnel and goods between positive and negative pressure zones.

Durability: This door utilizes corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty hardware for superior durability.

Increased safety: Instant stop and reverse of door operation once obstructions are detected by photoeyes.


U.L. 10B, 90-Minute Fire Rating

Using cutting-edge technology and exacting criteria for quality, Marathon 255 and 256 fire door models have surpassed market demands for quality, performance and U.L. compliance with a 90-minute fire rating. From its unitized high strength 1-3/4″ thick 16-gauge stainless steel panel(s) for easy cleaning, to its attractive, streamlined design, the Marathon single sliding fire door and bi-part sliding fire door is ideal for a variety of demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Model: 255 U.L.-rated single sliding fire door
Model: 265 U.L.-rated bi-part sliding fire door

Unmatched U.L.-Rated Sliding Fire Door

16-gauge, 304 #4 stainless steel panel will not fade or corrode, even when exposed to chemical cleansing agents. Exclusive all stainless steel track and trolley assemblies are enclosed in a stainless steel sloped shroud for less wear, exceptional performance and streamlined appearance.

Exclusive all-stainless steel (no aluminum or other soft metals) heavy-duty rail and trolley assembly with stainless side frames and floor hardware. Ideal for cart and transporter traffic. Heavy-duty stainless steel panel, internal steel frame and external stainless steel edge capping. High efficiency, 1/4 h.p. electromechanical operator, heavy-duty nylon roller wheels, and a Kevlar-reinforced drive belt, ensures efficient and continuous operation, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Continuous three-sided non-marking vinyl gasket, and bottom sweep gasket ensures the tightest seal. Floor hardware maintains door position under positive and negative pressures without compromising seal. Totally adjustable floor and panel hardware.


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Marathon 255 Single Sliding U.L.-Rated Fire Door

Marathon's 255 sliding U.L.-rated fire door features a single stainless steel fire door with power operation.

Marathon 265 Bi-Part Sliding U.L.-Rated Fire Door

The 265 sliding U.L.-rated fire door features two bi-parting stainless steel panels.

Model Comparison Chart

255 Single Sliding 265 Bi-Part Sliding
Number of panels 1 stainless steel panel 2 stainless steel panels
U.L. rating
10B, 90-minute fire rating
Max. size
Panel construction
Unitized design using 16-gauge stainless steel continuously welded panel(s) with full perimeter non-marketing gray vinyl, blade type gaskets
1/4 h.p. electromechanical operator with NEMA-4 fiberglass control box
Opening speed
Closing speed
2 remote mounted pushplates
1-3/4" thick honeycomb core
Reversing edge
Yes – instant stop/reverse functions activated using photoeyes


  • Galvanized steel clad panels.
  • Flat shroud (requires 14" headroom).
  • Vision panels - wire mesh or clear fire lite (optional sizes).
  • Available in 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute fire ratings. Larger vision panels only available with 20 and 45 minute fire rating models.
  • Push plates remote mounted.
  • Additional reversing photoeyes mounted in side frames.
  • Touchless wall-mounted activation switch.
  • Activation devices include: pull cord, photoeye, radio control, loop detector, motion detector, and O/C/S push button.
  • Interlock system.
  • Battery back-up power supply.


  • 1 year limited.