Commercial Insulated Steel Sectional Overhead Doors

This insulated steel sectional overhead door is suited for a wide range of loading and drive-thru door applications where strength and insulation are required.

Heavy-duty: It has a high strength to weight ratio and a continuous internal reinforcement for hardware mounting.

Energy-saving insulation: It’s polyurethane technology, has the highest ‘R’ value per inch over all other insulation.

Versatile: It’s compatible with all shaft sizes and operator types.

Glazing and vision panels available: Add 1/2″ thick insulated glass windows to your door to allow natural light in along with other customizations such as activation, operators, weather seal.


Versatile and Long-Lasting Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

This heavy-duty steel door has a high strength to weight ratio and a continuous internal reinforcement for hardware mounting. This ensures a long-lasting and trouble-free performance, even in high cycle applications.

Also, it is compatible with all shaft sizes and operator types allowing for it to be use in a wide array of applications and industries.

Steel Sectional Door Inside
Steel Sectional Door cross section

Energy Saving Insulation

Utilizing the latest in polyurethane technology, these doors attained the highest ‘R’ value per inch over all other insulation, as well as providing superior foam to steel adhesion and structural integrity.

The insulated sections are fabricated from pre-painted, hot-dip galvanized, steel sheet with rigid polyurethane insulation core, CFC-1 free, face sheet stucco embossed and rib reinforced.

The integral horizontal reinforcing ribbing and shiplap section seals sets these doors apart from other doors available on the market today.

Add Natural Light into Your Facility

Improve working conditions by letting in natural light and fresh air to your docking area by customizing your door with:

  • Polycarbonate vision panels
  • 1/2″ thick insulated glass vision panels (available in four different styles)
  • Windows with screens to let in light and fresh air
Polycarbonate door

Polycarbonate vision panels

Steel Sectional Door with Glazing

1/2″ thick insulated lexan vision panels

Windows with screens to let fresh air in

Add Custom Door Signs

Make it easier and quicker to identity dock and door positions with custom made doors signs with your company’s logo on it. Add it to both the inside and outside of the door.

Made in Canada

These insulated steel sectional overhead doors are manufactured locally on a continuous polyurethane production line utilizing the latest in rigid foam technology.

Looking for an Impactable or Knock-Out Door?

QxV sectional door

QxV Impactable Sectional Door

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MxV Knock-Out Door

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Activation Method

The most important aspect of any door project is deciding on your activation method to:

Prevent the door from being hit
Prevent the door from hitting people
Extend the life of the door
Improve productivity
Decrease downtime and maintenance
Save energy

Prevent the door from being hit
Prevent the door from hitting people
Extend the life of the door
Improve productivity
Decrease downtime and maintenance
Save energy

Choose Your Activation Method

Overhead door 3 button remote

Push Buttton

Floor Loop

Floor Loop

Pull rope kit

Pull Cord


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Model Comparison Chart

1-1/2" R14.25 Insulation
1-3/4" R16.4 Insulation
2" R18.5 Insulation
3" R25.57 Insulation
Insulation Rigid polyurethane 1-1/2", R14.25 insulated panels Rigid polyurethane 1-3/4", R16.4 insulated panels Rigid polyurethane 2", R18.5 insulated panels Rigid polyurethane 3", R25.57 insulated panels
Exterior Double coated baked on paint system over a stucco embossed ribbed exterior
Hardware Heavy-duty construction and assembly hardware
Reinforcement Continuous internal reinforcement for hardware mounting
End Caps and Seals 16ga galvanized endcaps and dual finned seals between sections


  • Finish: White or brown.
  • Weather Seal: Brush, rubber and/or in-track perimeter weather seal.
  • Activation: Pull cord, floor loops, Push button operator, touchless wave sensor or automatic motion sensor.
  • Safety Features: Light screen.
  • Exhaust Ports: 75mm (3") or 100mm (4") diameter.
  • Track Hardware: 50mm (2") or 75mm (3") track.
  • Lift Type: Standard lift, high lift, vertical lift, low headroom front mount, low headroom rear mount, low headroom vertical lift.
  • Operator Type: Standard spring door operator or high-speed springless safedrive overhead door operator.
  • Bumper Springs
  • Custom Door Signs: With doorr number and logo on both outside and inside of door.
  • Window Options: Polycarbonate vision panels, 1/2" thick insulated glass vision panels or windows with screens.
  • Glazing Options For Glass Insulated Vision Panels: Vision panels available in 4 different styles.


  • 1 year limited.

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