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Debris swept


Project Overview

During Esco Corporation in Port Hope’s regularly scheduled preventive maintenance inspection, we discovered that all of their dock levelers and trailer restraints were in good working condition.

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Our technician performed all the actions on our multi-point inspection checklist to make sure that all of their equipment stays in good working condition for years to come. This included:

  • Lubricating all moving parts and bushings.
  • Tightening all hardware.
  • Topping up all fluids.
  • Cleaning up all debris in dock pits.

Even though the dock levelers were in good working condition, the large amount of dirt and debris that had been collected in the pit could have led to the docks failing in the future.

Debris from one dock pit

Esco Corporation PMP - Pedestrian Door F17 - Before preventive maintenanceEsco Corporation PMP - Pedestrian Door F17 - After preventive maintenace

Missing Door Sweep

Additionally, during the preventive maintenance inspection, our technician discovered that a couple of their pedestrian doors were missing door sweeps. After approval from the customer, he installed new door sweeps to the bottom of their swing doors to prevent pests, rodents, white light and cold drafts from entering the building.


Port Hope, Ontario

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