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Project Overview

Gem-Sen Distribution in Concord found their loading dock area to be cold in the wintertime, especially during the colder weather. As a result, employees would have to wear jackets in the wintertime to stay warm around the loading dock area.

After reaching out to us to find an energy-efficient solution for them, we were able to coordinate the installation of three air curtains and one HVLS fan. Furthermore, we were able to get them a $14,594.85 rebate by working with their local utility company.

Since the installation of the air curtains and HVLS fan, the dock area has been much warmer, comfortable and creates a better work environment. Employees now can work in a t-shirt if they like, now that the area is protected. In addition, they also have a much energy-efficient building now which will give them an estimated $3,534.00 annual energy savings.

This past week with it being so cold we have noticed that the air barriers have stopped the cold from getting in and the fan keeping the warm air moving, allowed us to work in t-shirts because we are so comfortable.

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The ultimate combination for energy-savings to keep employees warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Concord, Ontario

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