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Project Overview

Hughes Decorr in Concord required room separation within their facility to create environmental separation.

They contacted us to install a high-speed roll-up door to create the separation between the rooms until forklifts needed to enter the room. When a forklift approaches the high-speed door it is activated by a motion sensor on both sides of the opening and the door closes on a timer. In addition, we installed an air curtain to make sure the environmental separation is continuous even when the door is opened.

This high-speed roll-up door is designed for high volume and high traffic environments, making it perfect for this busy facility. Furthermore, the breakaway soft bottom bar allows for smooth and gentle opening and closing of the high-speed door, which is very popular with the employees. Likewise, the wireless bottom bar features a reversing edge and impact sensor that are virtually maintenance-free. This saves time and money while improving safety.

In conclusion, Hughes Decorr is happy with this environment separation created by automatic industrial roll-up door and air curtain solution.

Create Environment Separation

high speed roll up door commercial

High-Speed Roll-Up Door



automatic door motion sensor presence sensor

Motion Sensor



Industrial direct drive air curtain dock doors 12" 14"

Air Curtain


Concord, Ontario

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