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What Are You Doing to Protect Your Workplace and Employees Post-COVID-19? ​

We are working hard to keep not only our employees safe during this crisis, but we are coming up with solutions to keep your facilities and employees protected. Here is a list of our top products to keep you safe and give you peace of mind during this unprecedented time and after everyone returns back to work.

Our top solutions to keep you safe are:

  • Touchless Entry & Automatic Doors: Never have to worry about touching a door to open it again. Motion or wave sensors can be installed or retrofitted to industrial, dock or pedestrian doors.
  • Air Filtration & Purification Systems: Cleans the air you breathe of viruses, dust, debris and odours to make it easier and safer for you to breathe. Models available for either office and warehouse environments.
  • Plexiglass Safety Barriers: An affordable, permanent or temporary solution to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.
  • Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP): Schedule your preventive maintenance visit to control who comes into your facility and when to minimize inefficiencies, downtime and future emergency repairs from your equipment breaking down unexpectedly.

Touchless Entry & Automatic Doors

Prevent cross-contamination by never having to touch the door to open it. We have installed and retrofitted both dock and pedestrian doors with touchless and automated solutions.

Add or retrofit to existing doors:

  • Office to warehouse
  • Shipping and receiving doors
  • Entrance doors
  • Washrooms
  • All types of doors

Touchless Entry

With a wave of the hand, doors can open with ease. Touchless actuators increase accessibility and help meet building codes and standards associated with automatic pedestrian swinging doors. They also help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in facilities. The wireless receivers can be installed without adding any additional wires. These hand wave sensors can be installed to both pedestrian and loading dock doors. Learn more about touchless entry doors and wave sensors »

Types of Doors for Touchless Entry with wave sensor 

Automated Doors

We have sensors to automated both pedestrian and loading dock doors. They can be set to open the door when it detects a person or a forklift coming towards it. These sensors ensure reliable activation and their unidirectional settings increase energy efficiency and pest control by limiting activation to approaching traffic only. Learn more about automatic doors and motion sensors »

Falcon Application Examples 

ADA Swing Door Operators

Turn Any Manual Pedestrian Swing Door to a Touchless or Automatic Door

Designed to automate nearly any new or existing doorframe. The side load header access panel simply pivots up out of the way and locks into position to permit quick install or service. The low entry use design meets all government standards. Learn more about retrofitting and installing automatic pedestrian swing door operators »


Air Filtration & Purification Systems

Air filtration systems clean the air, so your lungs don’t have to. They remove particulates from the air such as dust, viruses, odours and other particles that can be harmful to your employees’ health or damage equipment. We have two different systems based on what kind of space you have.

For Your Warehouse or Shop
EcoAir – Industrial Air Filtration and Destratification System

This air filtration system cleans sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses. It cleans the air to make it easier for you to breathe. It also lowers your energy bills and can save you up to 20-40% on your heating costs. It does this through destratification, which equalizes the temperature from floor to ceiling to prevent hot and cold air pockets to keep your works warm and happy. Learn more about the EcoAir industrial air filtration and desertification system »

For Your Office or Lunch Room
JADE & Cascade – Medical Grade UV Air Purifier

It kills germs and viruses that make people sick with its 5 stage sterilization process which includes germicidal UV-C+. In addition, it captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mould, allergens, viruses, odours and many other pollutants that are found in the inside air in workplaces. The negative ion generator makes indoor air feel more pure, clean and energized to help combat fatigue. The hand wave sensor makes it easy to control the settings of the JADE without ever having to touch it and prevents cross-contamination. Learn more about the JADE UV Air Purifier »

Plexiglass Safety Barriers

Plexiglass safety barriers are an affordable, permanent or temporary solution to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. They practice social distancing, are easy to install on any surface and to keep clean. These are perfect for: pharmacies, cashiers, lunchrooms, check-in tables, open office environments and common areas. Learn more about plexiglass safety barriers »

Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

Great for Root Cause Discovery and First-Time Fixes

Northern Dock Systems’ Preventive Maintenance Program provides specific, multi-point inspection checklists to minimize inefficiencies and downtime in your equipment. We do our due diligence so you don’t have to sacrifice the well-being of your employees.

Whether or not your business has increased or decreased in orders, now is the time to schedule a preventive maintenance visit.

If Your Business Has Increased

Your facility is probably seeing more orders and your workplace is being pushed to its limits to keep up with the increased demands. This is why it is key to ensure all your equipment is running safely and efficiently. If a piece of equipment was to break or an accident was to happen, it would cost your facility valuable downtime. So do your due diligence now with a PMP visit to prevent equipment breakdowns.

If Your Business Has Decreased

This downtime is the perfect time for our technicians to come into catch any faults in your equipment and fix them without interfering with your facilities workflow. Ensure that your facility is at tip-top shape for when your business picks up again by scheduling your PMP visit today.

Learn more about our Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) »

Preventive maintenance program with technician doing maintenance on a dock leveler and multipoint inspection sheets for dock leveler, air barriers, freezer doors, overhead doors, barrier gates

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