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Project Overview

With the rise of COVID-19 worldwide, health and safety became everyone’s top priority. As a result, a warehouse and manufacturing plant in Richmond Hill was looking to be proactive and prevent any potential spread of germs and viruses amongst the staff.

One potential threat was the commonly touched lunchroom door handle. Rather than continuously disinfect the handle, this warehouse was looking to retrofit their existing door into an automatic swing door.

Subsequently, they contacted Northern Dock Systems to find a solution that could be done in a timely manner and within their budget. After having a discussion with them, we were easily able to retrofit the door with a new swing door opener and touchless wave sensors to either side of the door to help protect the staff.

In conclusion, with this new automatic swing door, employees never have to worry again about the potential cross-contamination from touching a door handle. They can just simply wave to open the lunchroom door.



Richmond Hill, Ontario

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