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Project Overview

One of our technicians tuned up the equipment at Armstrong Fluid Technology in Scarborough to keep their docks and doors working efficiently and safely.

During the preventive maintenance inspection, our technician discovered a bolt for the main cylinder of a dock on the floor of the pit. This missing bolt could have led to a dock failure and costly downtime for this busy facility. Therefore our technician reinstalled the missing bolt and tightened all other bolts.

Missing bolt on main cylinder on dock #4

Old and worn dock seals

Furthermore, he made note of the condition of all the docks and doors along with any minor or major repairs needed for each position to get their facility audit-ready such as:

  • Missing track guards on doors.
  • Missing weather seals (intrack, bottom rubber, perimeter or dock brush).
  • Damaged sections on doors.
  • Switches for doors that need replacements.
  • Hoses for safety edges that need replacing that need replacements.
  • Missing hoods on rolling steel doors.
  • Bumpers that are worn and need replacements.
  • Dock seals that are worn and need replacements.
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Scarborough, Ontario

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