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Surface Mounted Bolt-Down Bollards

  • Protect your equipment and building: Keep trucks and trailers at an ideal distance from your building, equipment, pedestrians and sensitive areas.
  • Improve safety: Protect pedestrians and sensitive areas from vehicle collisions while still allowing free movement between bollards.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: Less accidental collisions to your equipment and doors means fewer emergency service calls and its costs.

Bollards are a Physical Barrier for Safety and Control

  • Prevent accidental impacts and collisions
  • Traffic guidance
  • Restrict access control
  • Landscape design


Safety and Security

Bolt-down bollards are the perfect protection for your building, doors, utilities, gas meters, electric circuit boxes, electronics, equipment and people from accidental impacts.

These surface mount bollards are made from schedule 40 steel and are impact tested to stop damages from happening.


Easy Indoor and Outdoor Installation

No core drilling or excavation is needed for these surface-mount bollards. Simply bolt down the bollard’s base plate and you’re ready to go.

Additionally, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

A Variety of Finishes

  • Powder-coated safety yellow
  • High-quality 316 grade stainless steel with #6 satin finish

Sizing and Ideal Applications

The surface mount bollard is available in 4.5″ and 6.625″ diameters with different ideal applications.

4.5" diameter bolt-down bollard:
  • Meant for medium-duty usage.
  • Equipment/storage rack guarding.
  • Drive-thru lanes.
  • Pedestrian safety.
  • Access denial.
  • Fuel pump and utility protection.

6.625" diameter bolt-down bollard:
  • Meant for heavy-duty usage.
  • Equipment/storage rack guarding.
  • Loading docks/warehouse entrance ramps.
  • Pedestrian safety.
  • Access denial.
  • Utility protection.


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  • Welded on or removable caps.
  • Powder-coated safety yellow or high-quality 316 grade stainless steel with #6 satin finish.
  • 4.5" or 6.625" diameters.


  • 1 year limited.


Construction Schedule 40 steel
Diameter 4.5"
Height 42"
Recommended usage Medium-duty
Cap Welded
Pipe coating Yellow powder-coated
Base plate 8" x 8" base plate with four ¾" corner holes
Construction Schedule 40 steel
Diameter 6.625"
Height 3'6"
Recommended usage Heavy-duty
Cap Welded
Pipe coating Yellow powder-coated
Base plate 10" x 10" base plate with four corner holes
Construction High-quality 316 grade stainless steel
Diameter 4.5"
Height 35.5"
Recommended usage Outdoor or environments that need a high-resistance to corrosion and weathering
Cap Welded
Pipe coating #6 satin finish
Base plate 6.3"diameter

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