RR3000 and RR3000 Vision rigid exterior door - rigid exterior roll-up door
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Albany RR3000/RR3000 Vision Rigid Exterior Door

Energy rebates available
Get energy rebates in select areas of Ontario. Contact us today to begin the qualification process—we'll calculate your potential one-time energy rebates, ongoing energy savings and return on investment.

Keep workers safe: Doors are equipped with a safety light curtain that virtually eliminates the risk of injury or damage.

Stack-free disc drive: Patented design reduces wear, vibration and noise.

Low profile: Thin side frames have a small footprint for unlimited installation possibilities.

High speed: With open speeds of up to 80″/sec, both rigid exterior door models provide the ideal energy-efficient solution for high-traffic areas.

Patented LiftBelt technology: Individual slats are mounted to a high-strength belt with no hinge connections or rollers. Slats can be replaced quickly and easily while the door remains operational.


A high performance rigid exterior door

Besides RR3000/RR30000 Vision’s rapid opening and closing speeds, each rigid exterior door creates an airtight seal around the door perimeter to prevent air infiltration while the door is closed. As an added benefit, RR3000/RR3000 Vision’s double-walled aluminum slats are built to withstand wind speeds of up to 90 mph to ensure these exterior doors perform even under harsh conditions and remain energy-efficient.

RR3000/RR3000 Vision features

RR3000 Vision enhances safety

The clear impact-resistant polycarbonate slats on the RR3000 Vision door panel let in natural daylight for additional energy savings, providing a higher quality environment for both employees and customers. Vision panels also provide maximum visibility on both sides of the doorway for increased safety. In addition, both RR3000 and RR3000 Vision models are equipped with a safety light curtain that virtually eliminates the risk of injury or damage.


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Incorporating a low profile design, the RR3000 uses anodized, double-walled aluminum for durability, security and smooth performance with rapid opening speeds, fitting doors up to 23'x16'.

RR3000 Vision

The RR3000 Vision is very similar to the RR3000 base model and incorporates full-width vision panels for maximum visibility. The RR3000 Vision model fits doors up to 16'x16'.

Model comparison chart

RR3000 RR3000 Vision
Door size 7'x6'4" to 23'x16' 7'x6'4" to 16'x16'
Opening speed
Up to 80"/sec
Closing speed
Up to 24"/sec
1.5 hp
Frame construction
Galvanized steel


• Voltage options: 208-240V, 440-480V and 575-600V.
• Vision panels, ventilated panels or insulated panels.


• Motor: 5 years or 1 million cycles.
• Mechanical and electrical: 2 years.
• Control system parts: 1 year.
• Labour: 1 year.

0 cycles
Unmatched motor warranty

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