On April 30, 2020, the Ontario Government revealed a new set of rules and regulations that businesses would have to follow once health officials have determined that it is safe to reopen.

Some of the new rules and regulations to ensure physical distancing and workplace sanitation include:

Check out the Ontario Government’s website to learn what rules and regulations your business needs to follow based on your industry sector.

Northern Dock Systems can help get your facility into compliance with these new rules and regulations with our wide range of products and services.

Floor Markings

We have been installing and painting floor markings across Canada to promote social distancing and guide the flow of traffic. We have temporary or permanent floor markings that are:

  • High traffic laminate which is slip-resistant.
  • Chemical and scuff resistant to protect quality and visibility.
  • Easy-to-apply on any smooth surface including low pile carpet.
  • Glow-in-the-dark options are available.
  • Standard or custom artwork with branding and messaging.
  • It can be cut into custom shapes such as circles, logos, arrows etc.

Learn more about our floor marking options »

A Physical Distancing Solution Great for:

  • Directing customers through aisles.
  • Directing workers through a workspace.
  • Creating physical distancing for line ups and check-outs.

Plexiglass Safety Barriers

Plexiglass safety barriers are an affordable, permanent or temporary solution to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. They practice social distancing, are easy to install on any surface and to keep clean. Learn more about our plexiglass safety barriers »

A Protective Solution Great for:

• Pharmacies
• Cashiers
• Lunchrooms
• Check-in tables
• Receptions
• Open offices
• Common areas

Allow Fresh Air In

Bug Screen Doors

Let fresh air in by opening your bay or dock doors, without letting birds, pests and bugs into your facility. Increased personnel and product safety by using a bug screen door, which has a weatherproof, durable netting material that is abrasion and rot-resistant. Learn more about our bug screen doors »

A Fresh Air Solution Great for:

• Dock doors
• Bay doors
• Drive-through doors
• Industrial doors

Dock Door Windows

Dock door windows are also another way to let fresh air in without having to leave your door fully opened. They are a screen window that has a plexiglass cover that can be latched into place.

A Fresh Air Solution Great for:

• Fully vertical dock doors
• Fully vertical bay doors
• Fully vertical overhead doors

Air Movement & Circulation Systems

Once you have opened a door or window, you’re going to want to make sure that the fresh air is distributed to the entire facility. We have various solutions that can help move and circulate the fresh air into your facility.

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

This fan can move a high volume of air through your space while running at a low speed. It can save you up to 25% on heating costs and up to 30% on cooling costs through destratification. HVLS are also eligible for energy rebates in select areas of Ontario. Learn more about our HVLS fans »

An Air Movement Solution Great for:

• Retail
• Transportation stations
• Laundromats
• Farming
• Banquet halls
• Airplane hangars
• Manufacturing facilities
• Industrial shops
• Warehouses
• Automotive
• Drive-through services
• Shop doors and showrooms
• Restaurants
• Outdoor patios and gazebos
• Coffee shops
• Breweries
• Food courts
• Classrooms and lecture halls
• Fitness centres
• Sports clubs

EcoAir – Industrial Air Filtration and Destratification System

This air filtration system cleans sand, soot, insect debris, pollen, mould, metallurgical fumes, oil smoke and viruses. It cleans the air to make it easier for you to breathe. It also lowers your energy bills and can save you up to 20-40% on your heating costs. It does this through destratification, which equalizes the temperature from floor to ceiling to prevent hot and cold air pockets to keep your works warm and happy. Learn more about the EcoAir industrial air filtration and desertification system »

An Air Movement and Filtration Solution Great for:

• Manufacturing facilities
• Industrial shops
• Warehouses
• Distribution centers
• Auto repair shops
• Garages

For Your Office or Lunch Room
JADE & Cascade – Medical Grade UV Air Purifier

It kills germs and viruses that make people sick with its 5 stage sterilization process which includes germicidal UV-C+. In addition, it captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mould, allergens, viruses, odours and many other pollutants that are found in the inside air in workplaces. The negative ion generator makes indoor air feel more pure, clean and energized to help combat fatigue. The hand wave sensor makes it easy to control the settings of the JADE without ever having to touch it and prevents cross-contamination. Learn more about the JADE UV Air Purifier »

An Air Movement and Purifier Solution Great for:

• Offices
• Pharmacies
• Lunchrooms
• Change rooms
• Locker rooms
• Sport facilities
• Automotive dealerships
• Daycares
• Schools

Multi-Use Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

Keep your commonly touched surfaces, areas and workspaces clean by using an all-natural antibacterial and antimicrobial disinfectant. The EnviroNize Anolyte is clinically proven technology 100 times more effective than cleaning with bleach and kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens. It is a more environmentally conscious then disinfectant wipes and it safe enough to be used on various hard non-porous surfaces and spaces. Learn more about our sanitation and disinfectant solutions »

A Disinfecting Solution Great for:

• Fitness centres
• Gyms
• Locker rooms
• Change rooms
• Golf carts
• Transit vehicles
• Kitchens
• Lunchrooms
• Bathroom tables
• Furniture
• Floors
• Concrete
• Tile


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